GDN is the world’s biggest internet advertisement network. Your ads can reach to your target audience in over 100 countries and in around 80% of the websites in image (banner), video and text with this advertisement network.

Ad campaigns can be planned and set as location based in order to be served internationally over countless significantly important web sites.

  • Görüntülü ağ reklamı
  • Görüntülü ağ reklamı

Auramedia is working with worldwide brands, with ads served and published globally. There are different targeting techniques with the planning of GDN media. As an example, with the keyword based targeting method, your ads are matched with the most relevant content. For instance, a mother reading an article about allergic reactions and immunity for children would see an ad for a product that would help her, and so the product which is advertised here would have a higher chance of a sale. An advertiser budgeting with CPC (cost per click) would not be spending from their budget -- even if their ads are exposed a thousand times and in a way that they would have the chance to communicate for free with people who didn’t click the ads.

Let’s think of a brand that has two different products that will be advertised simultaneously: one of the products is designed to be sold to men, the other for women. Auramedia Adwords specialists would come up with two different media plans for two different products and aim to make sure both individual products are advertised to the right groups, seperately for men and women.


  • Görüntülü ağ reklamıWomen's target audience : Female Product
  • Görüntülü ağ reklamıMen target audience : Male Product