Google Analytics is a powerful reporting tool that gives thorough performance information of web sites.
It gives you valuable information and tips about how you can improve your website by letting you observe how your visitors behaved in your website, how did they get there/what sources they came to your site from, their visiting frequency and their visiting times, as well as it evaluates your sales and convertions.

Google Analytics has important analysis tools:

Content Analysis:

It inspects what pages of your web site are most popular and performing more efficiently.

Convertion Analysis:

If you have a website for product of service sales, it inspects your sale rates, the number of your customers and what sources these customers came from to your site and completed a transaction.

Ads Analysis:

It helps you track the performance of all your interactive ad campaigns and lets you manage your budget by comparing. In addition, you can create connections between different campaigns

Mobile Analysi:

You can have your site adapt to the mobile world by inspecting mobile platforms where it’s importance is ever increasing.

Social Media Analysis:

You can track your site visitors’ usage of social media share features on your site and their interaction with your site’s content.

Reporting Examples

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  • analytics raporlama
  • analytics raporlama
  • analytics raporlama
  • analytics raporlama
  • analytics raporlama

Campaign Reports

Auramedia generates fully detailed weekly and monthly reports for your Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns.
Without the usage of any external interface, reports taken from the report centers of original medias serve information such as; exposure of your text, banner and video campaigns, their generated performance, geographic location based traffic, their budged consumption, etc. under many separated titles.
Once a campaign is expired, we offer our suggestions about observed opportunites and give information on competition rates until the campaign is started again.


Competition Reports

We generate detailed reports about your company’s and your competitors’ internet awereness and consumers’ general trends about your services and products by using various measurement and competition tools.