98% of the Internet users in Turkey prefer Google as their search engine of choice. With this ratio, Turkey is the biggest share holder of Google in this sector.

Search engine ads is one of the best methods to reach out to internet users seeking products or services.

Google always expects searched keyword and ads to match the website advertised. As an example; someone who is planning to take a vacation and makes a search about this on Google should be seeing the ads of tour operators, airline companies and holiday resorts. This both serves to users’ needs and lets these firms reach out to their potential customers

Currently, the only method of advertisement over Google search engine is text ads. There are certain rules and regulations for ad texts.

Auramedia Adwords specialists will create texts to catch users’ attention and interest while showing these advertised products or services’ strongest sides in a character limit.

The most important source for the ads to be created is the website that will be advertised for. Products or services that are not listed in this website, false price tags and unrealistic options can’t be included in an ad text. The purpose of this is to direct the user who showed interest in your ad text with an honest manner and lead them to what they searched for accurately.

Adwords ads are budgeted over either cost per click (CPC) or cost per mille (CPM).
Google Adwords is a very reliable, economic and successful advertisement model. It’s one of the fastest rate of interest (ROI) advertisement media.