Each site’s search ranking and indexed page in Google search engine is calculated by a very complex algorithm.
There are over 200 criteria that are taken into consideration within this algorithm.

Auramedia SEO specialists syncronize their clients’ websites with Google search engine criterias by using unique SEO software with the cooperation of SEO specialists worldwide. This provides a significant performance in search results with selected keywords in a 4 month period.

The main reason Google is the world’s most preffered search engine is the fact that it serves the most relevant and accurate result fastest to users. That is why 70% of the users will only look for and find what they are searching for on the first page of results and almost never browse through the other pages. Therefor, if your website is not listed on the first or the second page, your services or products have a very slim chance to reach users.

Additionally, user confidence and interest is much higher to the websites shown in the first or second page results.

Seo is an essential investment element for brands worldwide, and the firms that are holding the majority of the market share in their sectors are in a very serious competion in order to keep this space of SEO for themselves.

Auramedia SEO specialists are managing SEO operations for various brands and are receiving significant results.

A fact that needs to be noted for the firms planning on investing in SEO is there’s no guarantee by any SEO specialist or team for any specific page or page rank. SEO work has to be done institutionally and reports have to be generated and served regularly. The final decision for a page’s page rank or number will always be defined and decided by Google.

Our SEO specialists generate and serve a report of in depth analysis and come up with a plan to improve the current page rank of our clients’ websites, according to keywords choice of our client. Reports are generated and served monthly (instantenously if there’s a significantly important development).

Code based errors of the site are identified and fixed to let Google index the page better.

An S.E.O results example from one our our client’s website:

Keyword Page Rank Before S.E.O Page Rank After S.E.O
Paint Ranked 38th Ranked 2nd
Wallpaint N/A in first 500 Ranked 1st
Best Paint N/A in first 500 Ranked 1st
Jacketing N/A in first 500 Ranked 54th
Isolation Ranked 168th Ranked 7th
2012 Wall Paints Ranked 16th Ranked 1st

SEO practices positively affects Google Adwords ads' performance, as well. Long term Google Adwords advertisers receive significant advantages by SEO practices.